Sunday, January 22, 2012

Dino - mite!

In this household we have a little paleontologist in the making. Eva L-O-V-E-loves dinosaurs. Scienceworks has a dinosaur exhibit on at the moment and I have been trying to take her to see it since November. Since it finishes on the 5th Feb I decided that this was the weekend for it and I packed a lunch and headed off to Spotswood, Wiggles blasting all the way. (I was so upset when I got there and released I'd forgotten my SD card for my new camera, so all shots are taken on a crappy phone camera.)

We walked in to the exhibit, the boys on foot, Deedee in the pram and the looks on their faces was GOLD! Mans ran straight over to the fence to get a better look, Linc hid behind the pram (he told me later that he thought the dinosaurs were going to eat him but they were actually nice) and Eva all but jumped out her skin trying to get my attention to unbuckle her out of the pram. Her hands were going and her little mouth couldn't keep up with her thought process. All she could utter were random sounds!

They had so much fun. That exhibit was especially great for their age group as the fencing is low, there are things they can reach to touch, a massive sand excavation pit and it was all very open, so when you have 3 running in different directions it's easy for you to keep track of them.

I must say they were all very well behaved today. The other areas they loved were Nitty Gritty Super City and running with Cathy Freeman, but they spent quite a bit of time in House Secrets as well.

I also must add the pricing at Scienceworks was pretty good. The Dinosaur exhibit is extra on top of the general entry but so, so worth it! The VIPs were still talking about it at bedtime.

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