Monday, October 10, 2011

Taboo Confessions - #1

Sometimes, when I'm short on time or being lazy, I commit a baking taboo.
I make cakes using a packet mix!

Here's my top 3, in no particular order...

White Wings Devine Raspberry Swirl Cake
It's sweet and moist, and not as boring as a normal vanilla cake. (Top layer)

Betty Crocker Decadent Chocolate Mud Cake
This cake is rich and moist and can be a bit much so a little slice is all you really need. Or you could pair it with icecream or cream to cut through the richness. (Bottom layer)

Green's Smooth Lemon Cake
This cake is light with a lovely lemon taste. I like to make this one as a bunt cake and drizzle a sticky, sweet, tangy icing over it.

I hope you now don't think less of me.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

we all do it time to time, I cheated on dads cake and used packet mix....lmao

Bindi xoxox