Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Almost Severed Finger

The Monday before my first Bachelor exam the boys' were up at 6am as per usual. They were lounging in my bed watching Toy Story 3 until DeeDee woke up when I got a call from Baker Bob... "Don't panic, but I'm in hospital. I cut my finger."
After a deep breath I replied, "Oh no. How many stitches?"
"I... I think it's a bit worse than that..."

48hrs later the resulting micro surgery discovered he'd cut through more than 60% of his left index finger. He'd gone through all the nerves, artery and tendon and hit the bone. The tendon had snapped back down into the tissue of the palm of his hand so the surgeon had to open up his palm to get it out to reattach it.

Much to Baker Bob's excitement he woke up, after they injected the area with local anesthetic, and was able to test his tendon while his finger was still open. So, excluding his palm stitches, the zig zag opening down his finger has a total of 30 stitches.

So he left hospital Tuesday night bandaged to the elbow and is now in long term physiotherapy and has a special plastic moulded cast.

He's struggling with doing a lot of things for himself (you'd be surprised how often you need both hands for a task) and he needs help with his physiotherapy maintenance. After two weeks, this is what his finger looks like.... (look away if you're squeamish).

Needless to say that very little blogging has been getting done!!

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