Sunday, May 1, 2011

Duck Hunting

When we first moved to the area, back in August, one of the neighbours told us there were ducks in the reserve just through the opposite cal de sac. One day I took the boys for a walk but although we discovered a BMX bike track we found no ducks.

Then during the floods we had in January, we pulled in next to a football ground to have a look at the flooding and found the ducks.

So today, armed with half a loaf of stale bread, the twin pram and the toddler leashes, once again Baker Bob and I took the kids looking for the ducks.

This time we found them. Not only is there a BMX bike track, playground, football club and community centre, there's a massive wetlands! There was a sturdy but risky (with 2 x 2 year olds and a pram) bridge that took you all the way into the middle of one of the main dams. We decided to brave it. Speared on by the continual call of 'duckies' and our confidence boosted by the fact we had the terrible 2 on leashes, we set out across the bridge. They were reasonably well behaved and we only had to drive to grab Linc once as he tried to slip under the rail.

Having exhausted our bread supply, most of which was floating only centimetres from us as the ducks were too nervous to come very close, we wondered over to the play equipment. On the way I got distracted by some rosellas. I turned and wandered a couple of steps down the wrong path to show the boys the 'birdies' to which Mans responded, "Wrong way! Wrong way!" I soon realised I was in a loosing battle and we headed back to the playground.

We played on the equipment for a little while until it started to rain to which I packed them all into the pram and power walked home. Baker Bob was not impressed with the pace we set.

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