Saturday, April 30, 2011

Royal Wedding Wrap Up

What's a blog without a post recapping on the royal wedding?
I, like MOST women out there watched the royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton last night.

I was initially only watching to she her dress (which she didn't disappoint), but I got drawn in by the excitement and romance of the day. Even Baker Bob got suckered in, and at one point mention that he was going to "sit on the couch, eat chocolate and have a cry." Stereotype much?

One of my favourite points was when William arrived at Westminster Abbey. He was smiling and chatting to Harry but his hands gave him away. He was constantly clenching and unclenching them. I thought it very romantic that even the future King of England is nervous on his wedding day.

And then he endeared himself to me forever when he whispered to Kate as she arrived at the altar "You look beautiful". So sweet. When you're a prince getting married there is so much protocol and 'correct' ways of doing things that it was romantic to see him step away from that for just a second to reassure his bride. I think everyone watching held their breath as as he struggled to wiggle Kate's tiny wedding band on to her nervous clammy finger. It was so 'normal'.

They also spent the whole ceremony trying to rein in their smiles too. It was obvious they were very happy and very much in love.

Of course Kate's dress was stunning and very reminiscent of Grace Kelly's wedding dress. But I think it was perfect. She didn't over do the train. I mean you can't get married to a prince with out a train on your dress but it was very understated, as was her boutique. Her tiara was gorgeous and was borrowed from the queen herself.

On the balcony, being watched by the world they had their first public kiss as man and wife. A nervous little peck that barely met people's expectations. But, as everyone looked up to watch the military plane salute, they kissed again, obviously more relaxed with the idea that less people were watching.

So much pressure to do everything right, I think they pulled it off with love and grace. What a lovely beginning to a fairytale.

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