Monday, May 2, 2011

Get your Gok On

Inspired by this competition over at Danimezza, (and recently discovering the Gok Wan way of thinking) I have been having a real think about my body and how other people see me.

Instantly the body features I most often get complimented on came to mind. My eyes, hair and of course cleavage. But when I had a real think about it,  these aren't parts of my body I'm particularly proud of.

My eyes my parents gave me. The curls that so inspire envy were also given to me by my parents. My cleavage is mainly from breastfeeding, (and wearing a decent bra.)

The part of my body that I'm most proud of is rather weird and a part that probably goes unnoticed by most people. But... I am most proud of my heels.

They are the one part of my body that I moisturise with any kind of regularity.
They are never dry or cracked.
I'm always happy to flash them about in a pair of thongs or slip ons.
They hold me upright, even when the rest of my body tires and sags.
They very rarely ache.

And that's because I work hard to keep them that way.


Mummy Jo Style said...

Congratulations!! I love what Gok is trying to do for women! Love, love, love his shows. Enjoy your prize!

Miss Nemo said...

Thanks Mummy Jo Style!