Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Playing in the Garden - A lesson in a mother's restraint

I like letting my kidlets explore.
I try to expose them to new experiences as often as I can.
And I try to give them confidence in themselves by having confidence in them.

I watch them take things in and learn their own limits while guiding them in the right direction.

It's hard.
I can be a bit germ-a-phobic and as they teeter at the top of the slide it can take all my willpower to not reach over and steady them.

I wait.
I watch.
I see their little faces concentrate.
I can almost hear their little minds pause and focus to figure things out.

Of course I always try and be there to catch them if they fall, both physically and figurtively.
But the look on their face when they work things out all by themselves is so fabulous that reining in all my over protective instincts was worth it.

Linc getting air

Eva very happy with getting up on the toddler tramp all by herself.

Mans congratulating himself on a job well done

Oh, and we also endorse child labour around here!
(Not really, call off the hounds!)

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