Wednesday, May 4, 2011

I Think We're Pretty Much Done

It looks like Eva is weaned. She hasn't had a breastfeed for more than 48 hours now.
She basically did it all by herself with only a little bit of encouragement from me, giving her lots of cuddles while rubbing her head first before the comfort feed.

I'll be glad for the freedom but it's sad. And despite the gradual weaning, my body is protesting. She will be the last baby I ever breastfeed. After the disaster with breastfeeding the boys I could never have dreamed about feeding her for more than 14 months but she is drinking a full cup of milk over the course of a day now, she doesn't need me.

I've known the end was coming for a while. We were well on our way when she got meningitis at Christmas and started demand feeding. There was no way I was going to deny her that. But here we are 5 months later and it's finished.

I got Adam to take a photo of one of her last feeds. Bye bye baby, hello big girl.

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