Friday, May 27, 2011

A Noise in the Night

I was startled to hear a high pitch cry come belting down the hallway.
Its pretty rare for any of my kidlets to wake up crying once they are all asleep. It's even rarer for it to happen this side of midnight.

I made my way down to the boys' room, expecting Mans' crying to be in protest to Linc getting into his bed. When I walked in, Linc lay sprawled on his bed, snoring his head off. Mans was hysterical.

I assumed he'd had a bad dream, but not being in this situation often I wasn't instantly sure how to calm him. I tried picking him up but in this groggy half sleep he protested and struggled, insisting he be put down. I hugged him and asked if he had a 'booha'. He started sobbing.
And still Linc snored on.

I asked him if he wanted some medicine. 'No!' he wailed.
And still Linc snored on.

He tried to wriggle away from me, so I laid him back down and started to pat his bum, whispering that everything was okay and shosh shosh shoshng him. He stopped crying but still seemed unsettled. He continued to whimper and toss and turn. I thought maybe his 'Monster' cuddly toy was annoying him so I moved him. His wailing kicked off again.
And still Linc snored on.

I couldn't not hold him, regardless of whether he wanted me to or not. I took off my cardigan, lifted him onto my lap and pressed the side of his face onto my bare skin, where he could hear my heart beat. I started rubbing his back, round and round in circles in that age old rhythm that every mother seems to know. He instantly calmed and relaxed into my lap.

Then he let out a massive fart.

It echoed around the room and I actually think it stung my leg.
And still Linc snored on.

I continued to rub, but no more wind seemed forth coming. He seemed calmer and more awake.
He started to feel cool so I asked him "Do you want to hop back to bed now?"
'No,' he whimpered and clung to me even tighter, so I started to rock him.
He was really starting to chill now and I knew there was nothing for it.
"Hop back into bed mate, it's getting too cold. I promise I'll stay until you fall asleep."
I tucked him in and went back to rubbing his back.

Another massive fart reverberated around the room.
And still Linc snored on.

Mans sighed and snuggled into his pillow. As his eyes got heavy, his breathing growing deep and even he relaxed. As a soft 'pffft' drifted from under his blankets, I knew he would finally be comfortable.

As I closed the door on Linc's snoring I realised it was all my fault.
After all, what kind of mother feeds her son bake beans.

Photo taken April 2011

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