Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A Letter to My Boys

I have had enough.
I have reached my limit.

I am tired of being woken at 6am with high pitched screeching.
No one is trying to murder you, there is no need to make that kind of noise. Is it too much to ask to be woken by a "Mummy!' or giggles? It would make a much nicer start to the day.

I have had enough of the biting, kicking, wrestling, hitting and hair pulling. Whether it's to get me to come, to disable your brother so you can steal his toys or in retaliation for the toy stealing it is inappropriate behaviour and will land you in the naughty chair.

Bread can NOT be your only food source. Every other type of food is not 'yucky' and should NOT be mashed and pulverised before being flung all over the room until it's sprinkled on everything from the walls and floor to the tablecloth and chair covers.

Not every single toy needs to be pulled out and discarded. Or worse, thrown against walls, pulled to pieces and trod on. You are a lot more fortunate than other children. I will happily give your toys away if this behaviour continues. Have some respect for your things. And while we're at it have some respect for MY things too.

The toilet and potty are not scary monsters. You are big boys now. Poo and wee goes into the toilet. Not in your nappy, or in your jocks. And it most certainly does not get 'investigated' while I'm trying to clean you up.

Your little sister has been behaving better than you and I have had it. I really don't understand why this is so hard. I'm a pretty good mummy. Trust me, you could do a lot worse. Please, please, please pull your heads in and stop acting like 2 year olds.

That is all.


Lindenwood said...

Ah, you have 2y4mo twin boys, do you?! LOL, I'm right there with you, although mine are pretty good eaters (except for the soup-painting episode at lunch time today - I was suspicious when he enthusiastically asked for "doup" and now I know what his purpose was).

Mummy Jo Style said...

I totally get you! I've only got the 1 boy, thank God! He's 4 yr old and it does get better, sort of! Boys just love being boys, is what everyone tells me, much to my annoyance!

Miss Nemo said...

I'm glad I'm not alone.
I had started to think that they were overly agressive naughty scallywags, destined to spend there lives in the naughty chairs. Now I know they'll be spending the time in the naughty chairs with all their comrades - other toddler boys. :)

what to do with my life said...

LOVE THIS! and as the mum of a 2 yr old myself i almost didnt see the humor due to truth in this post!