Thursday, May 19, 2011

A Compromise or A Lose

Regular readers of this blog may have realised that trying to get Mans and Linc to eat anything decent has become a real struggle. Ever since they turned 2 it's just gone downhill. Slowly more and more food has been put on the 'yucky' list.

I now approch mealtime with type of dread. It all seems a little useless cooking a meal that will feed the 5 of us when I know that 2 will not touch it. (Even if Eva would eat their portion if given the opportunity!) Every single meal I put on their plates are 'yucky' and gets torn to pieces and thrown about the room.

I have tried being the tough mummy. Common threats include it going in the bin, to the dog or worse them being put in the naughty chair. Growling and making the mad mummy face.

I have tried being the sympathetic mummy which includes mummy eating some, bargaining, bribing and being spoon fed. Rubbing their hair, begging, pleading.

I have taken numeral 'professionals' advise and I don't offer anything else. "If they are hunger, they will eat it' But they don't, they really don't. Linc in particular has gone to bed without eating more than one piece of pasta. I'm then greeted at 6am in the morning with 'hungey'. I have told him that's because he didn't eat dinner, but he doesn't understand. The comprehension is just not there.

I also don't offer drinks of milk or diluted juice until after they have eaten the majority of their meal. Until last night. I bought some V8 vegetable juice, diluted it and gave it to them. They drank it with relish. I know it's juice, and I shouldn't let them fill up on fluids but I feel better knowing they are getting some sort of nutrients.

The guilt either way is terrible. I can't win in this game.

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