Sunday, May 15, 2011

I Wish I Could Impulse Buy

Lately my mind has turned to thoughts about redecorating the house. At the moment nothing matches and there are very few things around the place I could actually say are in my style.

I did love my TV unit when we bought it shortly before the boys were born. But now it's not only missing its drawers because they were using them as stairs and one of the runners for the sliding door are broken but it is also totally covered in bite marks. Apparently it's just at the right height for gnawing on.

Hence my dilemma.

I hate my surroundings at the moment but updating them does seem a little pointless. They are all getting a bit older now but are they past the furniture destructive phase? Should I risk it? Or put up and shut up for a little bit longer?

I did come across some gorgeous chairs today. I feel in love instantly.

I can't decide which is my favourite colour (I'll find a place for all of them I swear!) but I'm not so sure they'd look this good if they had cracker crumbs smudged on to them or milk sprinkled and splashed into the fabric.

$599 is a lot to spend on a napkin.

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