Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Other Side of Dawn

After 3 days of Linc waking up in the worst of moods and causing havoc all day, today he seems better. More responsive to the word 'No' and more eager to please, even using his manners. It's such a nice change. Life is so much easier when these 3 are on song.

Due to his destructive attitude the last few days Mans has 4 bite marks in various places all over his body. The sets of drawers are now 'knobless' as he was using them like rock climbing holds and scaling them to the top. Several times during nap time I came in to find him standing on top. His unsupervised access to the top of his drawers meant that their CD player got broken, their ceramic elephant had his tusks broken off (seems my boys are closet ivory dealers) as well as the FJ model car Uncle Dave bought them for Christmas now has a broken case. I walked in to find Linc stomping on it so he could get the car out.

What is more frustrating is that he knew what he was doing was wrong. When he heard the bedroom door open he started stomping harder to try and hurry the process up. Another time I walked in and he started crying because he couldn't get the drawer closed before I busted him.

On Tuesday it got to the point were I was doing that manic laughing/crying thing, were you start out laughing and end up crying. I was at a loss. In a combined effort, they even managed to break the TV unit door off it's sliders.

I think they were suffering from a bit of cabin fever as they hadn't been out of the house since last friday until yesterday. We braved the drizzle and went to the supermarket. Nothing too exciting but I think it was enough that it has calmed them down a bit. I have to admit it was nice having a reason to get out of my PJs.

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