Monday, April 25, 2011

Mundane Freedom

Most regular readers of my blog will have realised I am, unfortunately, a glass half empty kind of girl.
I can't help it. It's in my genes. And I think the fertility issues I faced just compounded my natural tendency to always see the negative.

I also suffer from anxiety. This made itself quite obvious after the boys' were born and I go periods of time were I'm paranoid that something terrible is going to happen, to the point of shortness of breath, sweaty palms etc.

But today, more so than any other day, I've tried to stay positive.

ANZAC Day has a way of putting things in prospective. People I don't know, or will never know, put their life's and futures in danger for this country and her people. They have fought in many a war to preserve our freedom and way of life. And in true Australian spirit, they have fought in the past and today to help bring that way of life to oppressed nations.

It is truly a breathtaking sacrifice.

At one point today I lifted Eva on to my hip and wandered to the letterbox to get the junk mail. A thought hit me and I stood looking at the sky. I can safely wander to my letterbox with my daughter without the fear of war on my street. I can leisurely read junk mail or make the decision to dump it in the recycle bin. I can have hopes and dreams for my children's futures that don't involve simply surviving tyranny but instead involves raising their own families in a safe and happy environment, surrounded by loved ones.

So I hope that this ANZAC Day that everyone not only reflected with respect the sacrifice people have made in the past, but also thought of our current serving men and women who sacrifice the everyday mundane things with the aim of giving others the chance for a bright and happy future.

Baker Bob's Pop - Serving in WWII

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