Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Family Time

Yesterday we took the kids to an indoor play centre. (See I told you I'd make sure we did something.)
They love it there. As soon as they realise where we were they were champing at the bit to "Go, go, go!"

Eva toddled around the toddler area and had a grand old time learning her way around and exploring.
We had a bit of an incident were a little boy a few months younger than Mans and Linc kept hitting and pushing Eva over. His mum was kind of watching but didn't do anything to stop him. I only stepped in when he was getting really rough and she was starting to get a bit stressed. I just removed her from the situation. He didn't seem to have an issue with the boys though. They actually kept going to him and encouraging him to join in.

They are so good with other kids. It's only their siblings they tend to tear to pieces.

At lunch we had a massive domino meltdown. Linc lost it and sent the other two off. So I called it a day and we went home.

Then when we arrived home Linc insisted on going down for his nap early. Reason for meltdown identified.

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