Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Day The Rabbit Came

My plan was to take the kids to the movies to see Rio for Easter. The kids aren't big chocolate eaters (not through lack of their trying) and any Easter chocolate they get is more than likely going to be consumed by Baker Bob, (okay and me). But the fact of the matter is I chickened out.

I realised over the last week that Eva never watches TV. The boys will sit for 30mins or so, by themselves and intently watch Cars, Toy Story or children's TV programming, but never Eva. She'll play happily near by but the only program that gets half a glance is Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and that's only so she can dance to the songs.

So I reneged. Mans and Linc we could battle, but combined, they outnumber us and Eva would not be content to stay docilely quiet for that long. It's just not in her.

I compromised. I thought we could take them to an indoor play centre instead. With Eva walking now, even she could participate in the toddler play areas. Fun to be had by all. Except one problem. No local play centre was open today.  I feel guilty. We will do something special before Baker Bob returns to work. I'll make sure of it.

Lucky the Easter Bunny came to shed some joy on the day.
We had an egg hunt this morning and although the kids are still a little young to get the concept that a strange giant rabbit breaks into our house and leaves chocolate eggs, the boys certainly got the hang of hunting down eggs and sharing them out between themselves.


Eva followed them and Baker Bob around with a bit of bemused smile on her face, wondering what was amazingly important that you needed  to make such a fuss and spectacle of yourself.

Surely not the foil wrapped chocolate.

It was soon recognised that chocolate was available and Linc's catch phrase for the day was "Choc, choc, peeeeeeease!". But they were good and I was tough and once again no sugar highs or metabolism lows. We ate lunch out and spent some time together. It was a good family day.


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