Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Tasmania, Batten Down the Hatches. Storm Nemo is Coming to Town

Tomorrow we leave for Taswaii on board the Spirit.

The kids' bag and on board bags are packed as well as their nappy bag. Just have to do mine and Baker Bob's bags and fit it all in the car.

I'm going to try and blog everyday while we're away but I'll see how we go. With 3 kids and an interstate trip, anything can happen. At least this time it looks like we might actually get there.

Though Eva did give me a scare last Sunday. She had 'highish' temperatures (37.6 - 38.3) and she was cranky and tired having barely slept the night before. As I was taking her temperature I was having flashbacks to when she was in hospital and I had to hold her still while they did all their obs. But it only lasted 24 hours and panadol would make the temperature go away completely. Plus she has 6 teeth pressing on her gums, trying to come out. She's still a little cranky and clingy but no sign of a temperature and she hasn't lost her appetite. Really do think this time, it's just teeth.

So off we go on our adventure...

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