Thursday, March 10, 2011

Day 1 - Thursday 10th - Leaving for Tassie

Boarded the Spirit of Tasmania II at 8:30 which was a bit late. That didn't sit well with the kids as we were sitting in a stationery car for more than a hour. But even I was cranky after that point.

When we boarded we found our 'Deluxe Cabin' (definitely worth the extra money), which was at the very front of the boat, put their dressing gowns on and went out to wave good bye to Grandma, Grandpa and Aunty Bry. Then we went back to our cabin and we set up their little portable cots, provided by the Spirit. Very cute!

We could have easily fitted a 3rd portable cot in the room but they don't allow more than 2 portable cots in a room so Eva bunked with us. They were all asleep by 10pm and although I hate sleeping with Eva because she's a real wriggler (and every time she moves she wakes me up), they were all really well behaved and made me so proud.

Eva did decide at 4am that it was wake up time but it was kind of nice being woken by her giggling and playing with my nose instead of kicking me in the guts.

Please excuse poor photo quality.

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