Thursday, March 3, 2011


For a long time I've wanted to do an event management course. Since I was about 16. I have always loved throwing parties, applying myself to the creative process, coming up with a theme and coordinating everything around it. I have contributed at many a party.

Some of the time, in my opinion, they fall a bit short of my vision because of tight budgets, (As did the boys' birthday party) but I always get huge amounts of positive feedback.

Then while trolling the internet I came across other women (Americans mostly) that have turned their passion into a business. I would love to do that. I have been inspired. Maybe all the people that keep telling me I should do it for a living weren't just being polite. Maybe I could actually do this.

One of my favourite contributions to a party were the invitations I made for a Mad Hatter 1st Birthday

 And the corresponding cake

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