Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Someone Get A Brick

Yesterday we had a MCHN appointment. Eva's 12 month and the boys' 2 year check-ups.
We didn't see our usual Health Nurse as she was away on leave but the nurse we saw was lovely and didn't seem concerned about anything. In fact she seemed rather impressed.

I spend most of my days doubting parenting decisions that I make are the right ones. Maybe I should have some conviction in my decisions. Maybe the fact I doubt, worry and second guess myself makes me a good mummy. But it's always lovely to get praise from the 'powers that be'. I'm a sucker for a kind word. In fact she lavished Baker Bob and I with praise.

I am still a little concern with the boys' speech. I maybe being nervous due to a history of hearing and subsequent speech therapy in our family but we're going back for a follow up appointment in 3 months and in that time I'm going to try and take notes about their communication and words that they say. Better safe than sorry.

Physical development wise Eva is tall for age and her weight is in proportion. Once she starts really walking she'll drop some weight as well. She also has her 2 bottom front teeth well and truly chomping and her 2 top front teeth have just popped through the gums. Linc is taller and heavier built than Mans. His weight is in proportion to his height and his pigeon toes seem to have pretty much corrected themselves. Mans is short for his age and lean, within proportion. They've still all got big heads but Baker Bob and I were informed yesterday that we have bigheads too so nothing unusual. It would be more worrying if they had little heads.

It's going to be a busy month with our 10 day trip to Tassie, Eva's b'day party, 3 hip appointments for Eva and 2 meningitis followup appointments including a hearing test.We're going to organise their first dental appointment within the next month or so too. That's just another big kid step, that and kinder enrolments open today for the boys. I'm booking places in VIC and TAS just to keep us covered. They're growing up way too quickly!

And here's proof. Eva acting like a teenage girl and animatedly chatting on the phone. (It's not actually a phone, it's a remote but give a girl a break, she's only 1 and she's just been caught in her brother's old PJs.)

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