Sunday, February 6, 2011

The dreaded 'IT'

It has started. What exactly is 'IT' you might ask...
Yesterday we started toilet training.

It lasted all of 2 hours before I packed it in. Let me explain.
I am certain that Mans is ready. He has started indicating that he's about to do a wee and goes and hides when he's doing a poo. As just as certain I am that Mans is ready, I'm as confused with Linc. He is scared of the potty and the special toilet seat. But he does show that he knows whats going on in his nappy.
So I decided that we'd start with Mans and if Linc followed, great. Within 2 hours, despite the fact that I was often asking him whether he needed to go, he did a wee and a poo in his jocks. Then, while I was cleaning him up, Eva was hassling me trying to get in and play with the toilet. In a last ditch effort she dived and managed to land her hand right in his jocks.

Did I give up too easily? Maybe. But I felt overwhelmed. And stressed. I don't want them associating stress and frustration with going to the bathroom. I just don't seem to have enough eyes. Does anyone have any advice as to how best to tackle this? I was feeling really positive until the nappies came off and it just deteriorated from there.

I'm going to try again tomorrow and see whether things go better.

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