Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Boys' Birthday Party - Take 2

When Eva was first admitted to hospital on Christmas day we were told that she'd be in hospital for a minimum of 2 weeks. Which meant she'd still be in hospital on the boys' birthday. So we postponed the party and once we knew with more certainty when she was going to be home we set a new date of the 29th of January.

The day was great fun. A lot more relaxed than their 1st birthday. Maybe because I wasn't heavily pregnant and having contractions. Maybe because it was at home. Maybe because our air conditioner works a helluva lot better than the crappy one at the petting zoo. We had friends come from interstate. But we also had people not come, including Ally and Kaleb who came down with a contagious rash. But overall I think everyone had fun. I sent treat bags home for Ally and Kaleb so they got to join in a little of the fun.

It was an Under the Sea themed birthday party. We have an above ground pool, plus I also set up a kiddie pool. Everyone seemed to enjoy the food, and cake. Mans spent all day in the sandpit. The only thing he had to eat all day was his birthday cake. The lovely blue icing turned his poop iridescent green the next day.
It's not a party until there's iridescent poo!

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