Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Welcome to the Jungle

The boys are almost 8 months old and I still haven't finished their room.
It's a working progress!

I thought I would show you some pics of what I have finished in there.

Manning's cot and the wall above his cot

Lincoln's cot
You can also see the side table next to the rocking chair and the nursery robe.
They have different quilts on their beds but they do have matching quilts.
The quilts, valances and the wall hanging were all sewn by my mum.
I really struggled to find brown cot sheets, so I bought double bed flat sheet sets which mum converted to 2 flats, 2 fitted and I have the matching pillowcases for when the go into toddler beds.

Mum also made the green ruffle at the top of the curtains and the zebra 100% block out curtains I picked up for a bargain of $5 a pair at spotlight and Mum hemmed them.
The paw prints I actually made out of Yupo Octopus. It's a paper stock by Dalton and because I used to work in the printing industry I picked up some samples of it before I left. I just drew them on with permanent marker. You can now get it in blue and clear so that could get interesting.

The nursery robe was mine as a baby and it was originally pink. My uncle refurbished it and it looks great I think!

This was how the change table used to look.
It's now a hutch and drawers as the boys kept banging their heels on the ends. They just got too big for it. I'll post a pic of the hutch next time.

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