Friday, August 28, 2009

A Baker Bob Moment: The baby years

The boys love nuddy time.
Before they go to bed of a night they get to roll around on the floor and, depending on how warm the house is, sometimes we let them roll around nude.
Obviously close supervision is needed and there has been a couple of times when they were younger that we had some "accidents".
Tonight I left Baker Bob in charge. I went to eat my dinner before it went completely cold and left Baker Bob to bum watch.
All of a sudden I hear Baker Bob yell, "Oh My God! There's poo!"
I walk in to find Baker Bob running across the room with Mans dangling between his arms.
I look around to find a nice poo sitting on the carpet, centimetres away from Linc.
"What are you doing?!" I yell as I reach Linc as his fingers close around the poo.
Baker Bob bends Mans over, with his bum pointing at me and says, "Look it came from here!"
"Put a nappy on him and next time don't run off and leave your son to eat poo!"
A hand wash and sterilise, and a poo clean up and it was back to playtime before bed.

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