Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Looking to the future

The last few days have been pretty bad sleep wise.

Baker Bob has gone back to starting at 3am. So I usually give up trying to convince them to stay asleep at about 4. It's not really their fault. They are teething and poor Mans has the worst cold. He's covered in a rash too, so he's off to the doctors tonight.

It's taking it's toll on me physically and emotionally. But things will get better.
I was at the clinic getting the NT scan done yesterday and another twin mum came up to me. She had 3 year old twin girls and she said it's great now. They just play with each other and even when the fight, they basically sort it out by themselves.

I said a couple of weeks ago to Baker Bob that I can't wait until 2011.
He took this as agreement on his theory that his AFL team Melbourne was rebuilding and would be flag contenders by then. After informing him that my life didn't evolve around sports and that he had high hopes, I explained myself. By 2011 the boys will be 2 and this little baby will be 1. So much easier! Or that's what I think (hope) anyway.

The NT scan went well. Only two arms, two legs and one little head. Compared to all the boy's scans it was so easy to make him out. He had heaps of room thanks to his brothers stretching everything out not that long ago. And yes I've decided it's a he. As soon as I saw the bouncing, wiggling form I instantly thought, that's a boy.
(I'm going to feel really bad if it does turn out to be a girl).

I'm trying to convince Adam not to find out the gender. I'm not sure I want to. At the moment anyway. My belly has already popped big time and man have I got a "pair" now! I'm always hungry now too, even though the morning sickness still hasn't let up.

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Danimezza said...

sigh, I love ultrasounds. I think I'll find out the sex every time, I'm a control freak and can't help myself lol. Sorry to hear you're still suffering MS, hope it passes soon.