Monday, April 6, 2009

Almost 3 Months

I can not believe how quickly that time has gone!

I knew it would go quickly but not THAT quickly. I feel like I missed out on a lot of them growing up already, even though everyday when Baker Bob gets home from work he is bombarded with about 50 new photos I've taken that day.

Tuesday next week they have their next MCHN appointment for a weigh in and I know they have grown so much. They were both in 00000 when born, now Manning is moving into 00 and Lincoln is in 000.

They can both hold their heads up pretty well. Manning can sit for a little while by himself before toppling over and Lincoln can roll from belly to back. They both "talk" their heads' off, constantly telling me big long tales about their days in that baby talk that's so cute.

They both have big blue eyes that change to grey depending on their moods. Manning's hair is mousy blond and Lincoln's is a brunette but has a golden sheen to it. They love their rainforest animal friends and their Lamaze soft animal pram mates. They love riding in the car and going for walks. Manning absolutely adores metal music. Baker Bob had Avenged Sevenfold DVD playing earlier and he was glued to the TV. If I tried to move him, he'd cry. He sat in his rocker kicking his legs about and throwing his arms in the air until he fell asleep.

They are still on 4 hour feeds. The issue we are having at the moment is that they keep wanting to have their 8 hour night sleep after their 6 o'clock feed instead of their 10 o'clock. So we are arguing about that at the moment and unfortunately they are winning. Manning has completely weaned himself off the breast. He is such a guts, it just doesn't flow fast enough for him. I was able to trick him into thinking it was a bottle for a little while with a nipple shield but he soon clued on and now he just has formula.

Lincoln is still breastfed and topped up with formula but he's heading the same way as Manning. He's started to get frustrated with the breast after a while too so my supply is slowly dropping.
I am a bit upset but my first breastfeeding goal was 6 weeks and I meet that and my second goal was 3 months which I'm going to reach (with Lincoln at least), but I very much doubt I'm going to make my next goal of 6 months.

They are still sleeping in my room of a night but as of this weekend we pick up their second cot so when I put them into separate cots they are moving into their room. I imagine this is going to cause some adjustment issues. They are still being wrapped as well but they are getting so big I'm not sure that's going to last much longer. That is definitely going to cause issues. They know if they are wrapped and have their dummies then it's sleep time and they usually self settle pretty well. They may have a grumble just after I've wrapped them as if in protest because they know they are going to bed but lay them in their cot and their eyelids get heavy almost instantly.
So over all we're travelling pretty well. I just wish they didn't grow up so fast!

Here's a recent pic:


Carla said...

Hey J

Just read your comment about wrapping. If you find that the boys are getting too big for bunny rugs start wrapping them in cot sheets. That'll keep them out of mischief for ages :P


Danimezza said...

such and adventurous time. Love that your boys a heavy music kinda guys. Watch out you'll have a garage band on your hands soon enough :) Hope the move til the other room and beds goes well.

Mrs M@sk said...

Wow that has gone fast. I love the pics you post xo