Friday, March 27, 2009

I don't like Thursdays!

Wednesday was a good day. Even though we went out in the morning and disrupted the boys schedule a bit, by 2pm they were back in routine.
Feed at 2, bed by 4.
Feed at 6, bed by 8, back up at 10 and straight back to bed.
They were asleep by 11 and didn't wake up until 5:30. Perfect!
I even got some scrapbooking done in the afternoon.
However yesterday was one of those days.

I had an appointment at the bank in the morning and was back home for their 2pm feed.
They self settled themselves to sleep pretty quickly because they were so tired and I thought "Ahh, another good day"

Well, Manning was up at 3, Lincoln was up at 4 so I ended up feeding early. We had a play, they grizzled through their baths (which they normally love) and after an hour of rocking the cot they finally fell to sleep at about 9, a hour before their goodnight feed.
So, I do some dishes.
I just start to fill the sink when I hear Manning let out a wail so off I rush.... "Please, Please don't wake Lincoln." By the time I get in there they are both crying so I pick up Manning and pat and rock him while I rock the cot with my foot. Then I swap and continue to do this for 40 mins at which point it dawned on me I hadn't turned off the tap. I put Lincoln down and run into the kitchen. It's flooded.
The floor is covered with hot foam covered water. The drawers and cupboards both have water spilling from them. Everything is soaked and both the boys are screaming again.
I wade through water and make up Manning's bottle and Lincoln's top up. I try and clean some of the water off the bench and get a big zap. Adam had left his phone charger plugged in and it had been sitting in the water on the bench.
I turn that off, take both bottles in to the boys, do a quick change and feed them. Manning over eats and vomits but doesn't spit it out. He holds it in his mouth until I lean into to clean him up, at which point he coughs and sprays puke all over my face.
After finally getting them to sleep at 11, I go into the Kitchen to clean it up. I ring Adam and ask him to bring take away home with him from work because I haven't had a chance to cook tea.
By 1 the mess is cleaned up and I'm falling into bed dead. As my head hits the pillow I hear another cry. They both wake up for another feed.
They were unsettled all night and had 2 more feeds over the course of the night.
They are exhausted to and so is their Mummy.

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Mrs M@sk said...

What you talking about? You don't need any sleep Mummy, pffft.