Tuesday, April 14, 2009


The boys had there MCHN appointment this morning.
Both Manning & Lincoln are weighing 7.020kg!
They have quickly caught up the 3 weeks "prem" and are now big fattys, quite a bit above the average line.
Manning's length is 59.7cm and head circumference is 41cm
Lincoln's length is 58cm and head circumference is 40.9cm so Lincoln has almost completely caught up.
We discussed Manning teething and his bottom front teeth buds are just visable under the gum. We also discussed introducing solids which I'm a bit weary about. She said it's fine to give them tastes of things at this age and start them on solids at 4 months but I'm not too sure.
Baker Bob's all for stewed apple (one of HIS favourite desserts) but I don't think I'm ready. I suppose the question is are the boys ready?

They got quite a few pressies for Easter, which Baker Bob and I will have fun eating for them.

On Easter Saturday we had a BBQ for all the family on my side that hadn't meet the boys could come and meet them, so easter weekend went well except I've come done with a horrid cold and I'm praying the boys don't catch it. No kisses from Mummy for a few days!

Here's a photo from Easter Morning.

The Monster and egg were from the Easter Bunny and the chicks and ears were from Mummy and Daddy. (Their shirts read "Easter Bunny Rocks").

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Danimezza said...

Too Funky! Love the shirts and those little sock shoes. I'm going to stock up on those :)

Glad both your boys are growing big and strong. Go to solids when you feel confident.