Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Easiest (and Tasty) Burger Patties Ever!

My Dad is one of those cooks that can make anything taste good. I remember many a meal that Dad prepared were he would open the cupboard and just throw anything in.
He'd never be able to recreate any of it. Ask him the ingredients and he wouldn't be able to tell you. His most tastiest creations were often his burger patties / rissoles.

When I moved out I tried countless times to recreate my Dad's "bit of everthing" patties but never ever came close. I was lucky if my patties stayed together. Forget "throwing" them together, I needed a starting point. I trailed and tested every burger recipe I could find.

Last year I came across this Meat and Sweet Potato Concoction by Danimezza and, while tasty, I could not get these to stay together either!

After many a recipe, this is the basic combo I have found that works!!

1kg lean beef mince
1 cup dried packaged multigrain breadcrumbs
3 eggs

Then by adding a combination of flavours you can set your burger world alight:
Option 1
3tsp dried basil leaves - My favourite!

Option 2
2tsp dried mixed herbs & 1 crushed garlic clove

Option 3
1 tbsp chopped oregano leaves & 1 tbsp finely chopped pitted black olives

Option 4
1 tbsp mexican chilli seasoning & 125g can red kidney beans, rinsed and chopped.

Add the 3 ingredients in a bowl with the flavour combo of your choice and mix.
Shape them into balls and then squish them down to patties big enough for your rolls.
Try not to make them too thick or they won't cook through.

Fry in a little olive oil until cooked (about 3 mins each side, depending on thickness) and please try and refrain from squishing the patties in the frying pan. Do all the squishing BEFORE you put them into cook, otherwise you're squeezing all the tender juices out and they will be tough. Especially using lean mince!

Bun, patty and your choose of fillings! The VIPs love 'deconstructed' burgers - all the fillings just laid on their plate so nthey can eat it anyway they want.

Seriously Peps, these will knock your socks off. You'll wonder why you've ever bought a burger from a fast food joint. (OK so they might not be THAT convenient but they are 100x yummier!)
So what do you think? Do you have a flavour combo suggestion?

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