Thursday, March 29, 2012

We Have a Breakthrough

We have 2 little boys running around in jocks!

I can't believe my nappy days are almost over. If you have read this post 'The dreaded 'IT', you'll realise that this has been a year long battle!

I had tried to toilet train the boys, in different sequences, 3 additional times since that post. The last time, just after our Wiggles concert, was Mans' triumph.

It took him about a week to get 'accident free' and then, with help from a box of matchbox cars that were once his uncle's, we managed to move him over to the toilet. We had a battle with Number 2s being held until he was wearing his night time nappy but that seems to have stopped now and he has been going out of the house for about a month with no nappy on!

As much as it was obvious that Mans was ready in December, it was just as obvious that Linc was still not ready. 2 weeks ago I tried Linc again and within 2 days he was taking himself off to the potty. He's so independent with everything that he does that I suppose it shouldn't have shocked me that TT was something he was going to do independently as well but I was gobsmacked. Now, 2 weeks later, we have very few accidents (only when he's super engrossed in something), no issues with Number 2s, we're transitioning to the toilet and he's shown signs he can hold it out and about as well.

I'm so proud of them both. I kept telling myself that you never hear of a teenager that isn't toilet trained but I was really starting to think that I would still be struggling with Linc as he headed off to Primary School. I thought for sure that Eva would be TT before Linc. He proved me wrong!!

I can say through the whole experience that I have learnt 3 things.
  1. A reward system is a must. Stickers for Number 1s and a little bit of chocolate for Number 2s was our method but only because Mans had such issues with Number 2s that we had to up the reward ante and as I mentioned, we also used the secondhand matchbox cars as rewards too, when Mans showed resistance to the change over.
  2. It is completely obvious by the 2nd/3rd day if your child is ready. I kept reading that you never start TT and then stop. I say to that BULL! Stopping when I realised they weren't getting it and continuing it when I realised they were was the best thing I could have done. For that reason Eva is back in nappies. I am not going to rush her because...
  3. Every child is different! Just like a lot of breastfeeding success has to do with the child, so does TT. You can't rush them. You can't make them do it when you're ready and its convenient.

Unfortunately, once you have children, you live in a dictatorship and you can start an uprising and squabble with the rule but long term, they always get the reign back. But cuter looking dictators I've never seen!

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