Thursday, August 11, 2011

I Don't Want to Whinge But...

6am is too early to be woken by crying

6:05am is too early to hear the squeak of the boys' room door knob turning (their new trick)

6:06am is too early to be convincing 2 x 2.5 year olds to climb into bed with you so they don't wake their sister

6:07 - 6:28am is too early to be threatening 2 x 2.5 year olds with sending them too their room

6:29am is too early for a poo explosion from Little Miss, which has travelled up her back, down her legs and all over her bed

7:13am is too early to be attempting to fix a shower screen that a certain 2.5 year old busted while you were bathing his sister. (I'm not naming names, ahem Loulou)

7:26am is too early to forget you've got Euky Bearub on your fingers and wipe sleep out of your eye

7:45am is too early for breakfast and an upturned bowl of weetbix on the mat

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MumsLanding said...

I'm sorry to say this, but it doesn't get any easier. My boy is 4.5 yr old and is still up way too early. He can however switch on the television himself so we can at least convince him to go upstairs and watch his favorite shows while we get the last bit of shut eye!