Friday, August 26, 2011

How I Miss Thee...

I've been very neglectful of my blog lately, and my followers list has suffered for it. But unfortunately something had to give. Since my birthday I have had 2 assessments due. Plus, I have an exam in a week and an assessment due 10 days later. So the schoolwork really has been putting a drain on my free time.

For my Event Management subject I am sitting on an overall mark of B (Distinction, I think), which I'm pretty disappointed about. My first assessment went well but my second assessment was a bit short on data analysis and that brought my grade down to a B. IF I can get an 86% minimum on my exam then I'll pass with an A (High Distinction?), so that's my aim. My Management Principals and Practices subject has intensified a little too.

Anyhoo, the kidlets have been reacting to the lack of one on one time and have been really destructive which is a bit counter-productive to their cause. Instead of having time to practise their numbers or their name writing with them, I'm cleaning up smashed eggs or packing away DVDs or ringing the poison hotline!

The boys also recently had a haircut at Candy Hair, which is a trendy little hair salon for kids. They were a godsend as they are so used to all the different responses kids have to haircuts. Linc was very nervous at first but after mummy holding his hand and banging The Wiggles in the DVD player he calmed down and was a lot more relaxed about the whole affair. As usual, Mans took it in his stride because Baker Bob was with him!

Here's a smack of recent photos of the kidlets:

Playing at the newly open park in the court.

Trying to help Anna blow out her birthday candles!

I'm loving old school bonnets on Eva at the moment.

The boys pre-haircut

And giving hugs to Eva (which as you might be able to tell, she was not happy about!)

Hopefully after this exam next week I'll be around more.

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Anonymous said...

I'm LOVING the photo of the boys trying to help Anna b;low out her
Bindi xoxo