Sunday, July 24, 2011

A Photo From My Day for 30 Days - Day 24

Watching Vintage Wiggles.

The kidlets have really strtaed enjoying The Wiggles lately. Particularly Eva.
We have a live CD that we play in the car that was recorded back when 'the yellow wiggle' was known as Greg.

As a Christmas present we bought them tickets to see them at their 20th Birthday Bash in December. While I was in Kmart the other day I noticed they had re-released some of the old videos so picked one up for them to watch. I enjoy vintage wiggles more than modern 'Wiggly Waffle".

As a side note, can you guess who's wearing the red PJs?


Anonymous said...

is it Mans wearing the red pj's?

Miss Nemo said...

Clever clever!