Friday, June 17, 2011

There's Water Up My Nose

I feel like I'm drowning a little bit today.

My 4 year degree starts on the 2nd July and currently I don't feel like I've even got a handle on the current singular subject I'm doing through Open Uni.

A lot of reading is involved. Intense, descriptive, big word reading which can not be adequately absorbed by my brain while I settle, sooth and entertain the kidlets.

Trying to find an event to case study is proving to be a dead end road. Which is frightening in itself as the case study is 40% of my mark.

The house looks like a toy - food bomb exploded. How the food got mixed in with it I don;t know because I haven't had time to cook.

The kidlets need to get out and enjoy something just for them but the weather is crappy and cold and it's affecting their moods just as much as mine

My first crocheting project is sitting gathering dust. It's a big project and I'd like to see it finished.

Eva's hip review is at the end of the month. We find out whether she's good to go or whether she has to go back in a brace.

Christmas is coming. No lists, no ideas, no time to think!

I have so many things to organise and a stack of paperwork to do. It may fall and bury me. Please bury me.

Just breath and tread.

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