Friday, June 24, 2011

More Food

I made Pumpkin Rissotto from scratch and am super proud of myself.

Kudos to me!

Rissotto has always been one of those meals that seemed too hard and scary to tackle without a little help, or backup. I feel a similar sense of fear when I think about making custard from scratch or anything that involves heating sugar, though I have done both before.

It needed a bit more seasoning and the pumpkin chuncks were a little big but I think it turned out alright. As usual Eva gulped it down and the boys' wouldn;t touch it with a ten foot pole, let alone their forks.
All well. Doesn't matter.
It's not like I spent more than an hour slaving over a low heat hotplate, painstakingly absorbing stock into the rice 1/2 cup at a time or anything guys.

Inspired by this recipe by Annabel Karmel and deseparately wanting eggs I made mini Spinach and cheese quiches. We had no baby tomatoes, hence the spinach and no short crust pastry so I improvised and rolled flat crustless pieces of bread instead. (Would have used multigrain if I hadn't have used the last of it at breakfast).

Eva and I enjoyed them for lunch. The boys' took one look at them and refused to go near them.

Once again, FAIL mummy!

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