Monday, June 6, 2011

Food Reviews

Lately I have come across a few food products that I've fallen in love with.
Firstly these Select Ripple Wholegrain Chips.

The flavours are all delicious, but my favourite are the Roast Onion and Rosemary. They have been getting me through many a night studying. Even the kids like the original flavour. I don't mind giving them a couple on occasion. They are better for them than normal chips and a lot more substantial, even though I find them lighter than Grainwave chips.

Then there's the fruit cups from Aldi.

The kids LOVE these. They are in juice NOT syrup. The juice is easy to drain away from the fruit making them less messy. They come in the usual two fruits but also Mango & Papaya and Mandarin Slices.

And finally The Heinz Romano frozen vegetable mix.

I'd never seen romanesco broccoli until I bought this frozen veg mix. They have a milder taste than the usual broccoli and I can usually get the kids to eat these vegetables. The bright yellow and orange carrots against the dark green beans make for a colourful contrast on their plates and means we spend much of the meal practising our colours.

Why not give them a try and let me know what you think?

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