Sunday, April 10, 2011

Munching on Mexican

The kids love mexican. Nothing too spicy mind you but they are happy to tuck into anything with a mild tang. Which surprised me as they usually prefer rather bland food.

I always make it as healthy as possible.
I grate carrot in with the lean meat. Not only is it a hidden veggie but it makes the meat mixture go a lot further.
I also use salt reduced seasonings and salsa, as well as wholegrain tortillas.

I wrap them into little burritos for the kids and they hardly make any mess. I try and hide tomato and lettuce in the wraps too but they usually get found and fulled out. But at least I'm trying. Next time I was thinking I might try hiding avocado in them.

My boys hit two and decided that anything resembling a vegetable, previously accepted with no resistance is now the enemy. Tomatoes, avocado, lettuce, corn are scorned. Even the poor old pea is squished and tossed aside. It's exasperating. I know it's something that they'll grow out of and as long as I don't offer them an alternative they will eventually eat it but still annoying.

Any meals I can hide veggies in are now my allies.

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