Friday, April 15, 2011

Friday Fundraiser

Next Friday is Good Friday and (for those that live in Victoria and are not overly religious) that means the Good Friday Appeal. And it's been running for 80 years!

This year, more than any other year, I feel an intense desire to lend my support. Without this hospital (and the fast thinking emergency Dr at the Austin, who also works at RCH) we would not have Eva. I am asking everyone I know, everyone who reads this blog, everyone who has a child, to donate.

My siblings aren't buying easter eggs for the kids, they are donating the money to the appeal. My family, and friends of the family also spend Good Friday tin rattling. Slot that 20c sitting in your car console into that tin, don't ignore them.

If you call the appeal hotline, donate more than $2 and leave your address, you will receive a receipt so the donation is tax deductible. (It's a pledge so if your strapped that weekend but flushed the next donate more.)

There's a Kids Big Day Out at Ethaid Stadium with celebrities, rides and family entertainment and all proceeds go to the appeal.

You can donate online.

Buy a Good Friday Appeal product.

Have a Parma this week.

There are so many ways you can lend your support. There is no excuse. Even my kids are donating.

The Royal Children's Hospital touches so many people's lives and helps so many children. Those children need your help for just one day. Surely you can contribute.

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