Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Eva's 1st Birthday Teddy Bear Picnic Afternoon Tea - The Fun

Everyone seemed to have a good time.
The house we moved to mid last year is reasonably large but it still felt quite squishy. All the kids are still a bit young for party games like pass the parcel (NEXT YEAR!) so I just pulled out a heap of toys for them to play with. (I did not give them free range on the toy room). And of course everyone was encouraged to bring a cuddly toy. We also had  DVD on all day. (I think it was Cars most of the day, not very 'teddy bear picnicy' but all well. Unfortunately I don't have a bear themed DVD).

Most of the food were sweets - cakes, biscuits, fruit, chocolate crackles, honey joys. It was an afternoon tea after all! There was a bit of hot food, and I made sandwiches as needed as I threw out plates and plates of sandwiches after the boys birthday party. Needless to say after having pretty much free range on the food, it took a long time to get my kids to sleep that night.

Eva, with Baker Bob's help, opened her gifts and read her cards. She lapped up the attention. (Thankyou everyone for the lovely presents!) She was very spoilt.

We had birthday cake and at the end of the day, it was all a little bit exhausting, even for Baker Bob!

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