Sunday, March 20, 2011

Day 11 - Sunday 20th - Heading Home with a Day Trip on the Spirit

Never again will I travel on a day trip on the Spirit again. Will never be going on a romantic cruise either. Both Baker Bob and I were terribly seasick. The swell WAS pretty bad with water lapping up onto the decks but gee I'm glad our kids have a better constitution than we do.

Baker Bob spent basically the whole trip either being sick or sleeping. Eventually the kids went down for a nap (as we had a deluxe cabin again, thank goodness) and I finally bombed. It was also extremely lucky that I brought the laptop and some DVDs onboard. They were my salvation.

By the time they went down for their nap, I think the kids did start to feel a bit green, or bored, or both.
I think we all missed Poppy but we were glad to get home to our own beds in the end. ( Well, we enjoyed our bed, the kids were happy to see their toy room!)

It was a long day too as we left for Devonport at 4:30am (3 hour drive) and didn't get off the boat until 7:30pm.

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