Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Boy's Barnyard Birthday

I had a helluva time trying to organise the boys' first birthday party.

Trying to find a hall that was air conditioned and that you didn't need public liablity insurance to rent was like trying to find a needle in a haystack. The orginial plan was to have an underwater themed party. Fill up a kiddy pool and a couple of sand shells and have it at an air conditioned hall with outdoor play area. I found heaps of potential places but they don't hire out for private parties. You have to have public liablity insurance. What's the point? Honestly.
We even tried local pools and the only place I could find that had a pool party room (as TRAC isn't open yet) was North Melbourne Swimming Pool BUT the room was upstairs with no door. Yep, very intelligent to have a toddler's birthday party there. A quick bolt down the stairs and they'd be at the bottom of the pool.

So, the compromise was that we hire an air conditioned room at the Copper Settlement farm and I change the theme to Barnyard Animals. (Despite the fact that I'd all ready bought underwater themed party decorations.) I was not happy with the way the day turned out.

My usually reliable alarm clocks decided to sleep in, so therefore we did too. We had to make 2 trips in the car to get everything there and I still forgot half the food. The air conditioner in the room was useless by the time it was filled with people. It was too hot to visit the animals. The pony ride was a bust as only BFF's 2 and a half year old was the only one not terrified of it, and 2 hours for a party, with a half hour to set up and clean up was no where near enough time to fit everything in. (1.5 hours for a toddler's birthday party my butt HUGGIES!).

I was happy with how the lolly bags turned out and how the cake turned out and that's about it.
The boy's didn't even get a chance to open their presents there.
Hopefully by the time they're 10 I'll have it down pat!

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