Friday, January 1, 2010

The curse of New Years for parents

At home on the 31st of December.
Just another night for new parents like us.
Decide to spend the night playing my Christmas present, Mario Kart on Wii.

The neighbours start letting fireworks off and all hell breaks lose.
The boys wake up wailing in terror as bang after bang goes off, and we're both powerless to do anything but give them hugs.

Feel like strangling the neighbours when I see scared little tears roll down Linc's cheeks.
Yay to the new year.

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Sarbella said...

hey i dont know if you remember me but i had twin boys on christmas eve 2008. seth and ethan were their names... i hadnt read your blog in forever and saw your preggers again. a big congrats to you and hope your ok with two little ones and being preggers. hope you had a ok new year even though it was spent at home. good luck with everything hun

Sarbella (leila)