Thursday, August 20, 2009

Repercussion No 1

I've told work that I won't be returning at the end of the year.
It went well. I think they were hoping I'd organised the meeting to ask if I could come back early. They asked me to work a couple of days in early September to help them out and I agreed but I was quietly terrified. I've never been away from the boys for more than 3 hours. Even a couple of weeks ago, when Baker Bob took me out for dinner and a movie and Mum babysat, we were home in 3 hours.
The travel time to work was going to be 3 hours alone. But they realised yesterday that someone was going to be back from holiday by then so there was no need. They asked me to keep in touch and if I needed references or anything to let them know. So we'll see what the future holds as far as that's concerned.
Baker Bob didn't want me going back to work regardless of this pregnancy. He thinks the boys need me too much. I was looking forward to having different things to do other than the dishes, washing and changing poopy nappies but I wasn't looking forward to leaving the boys in the care of someone else. Even if it was my parents. And there would have been a bun fight over wages as I was missing more than 50% of the boys life for what I was getting paid so at least I don;t have to face that.
Finances will be interesting though. Wish stay at home mums got paid for raising the next generation of workers...

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