Thursday, August 20, 2009

A Baker Bob Moment

Baker Bob is known for his amusing antics which sometimes verge on stupidity. I love him to death but he does do some ridculous things some times. On my old blog I used to write one every week and I'm going to try and start this up again, so you can delve into the world that is Baker Bob.

For the first entry I'm going to dig up a blast from the past but one of my favourites.

The Epic Battle - 11/12/2007
Sometimes the ridiculousness of a situation far outweighs the consequences and all you can do is look at the lighter side and laugh.

Upon returning home on Friday night, I turned on the lounge room light and headed straight to the computer.
As I was totally engrossed, Baker Bob decided to call his dad.The next thing I know there is a popping noise, something hits me in the back of the head before exploding, showering me with hard granules and the room goes dark.

I'm in shock and have no idea what happened. Baker Bob, after cowering in the corner for an hour, finally agrees to fill me in on the details.

After hanging up the phone, Baker Bob had noticed a moth making swooping attacks on the light bulb. In all his wisdom he'd decided to take off his t-shirt and defend the light bulb with fierce integrity, swinging his t-shirt with masculine might.

But his plan backfired. The moths onslaught had been too much, pushing Baker Bob further and further to the brink, until the unimaginable happened... his t-shirt collided with the very light bulb Baker Bob had sworn to protect.
Its glass armour had gone sprawling across the room, hitting my furious head, shattering it into a thousand little pieces, which promptly wiggled their way under my clothes.
The exposed filament had flickered with its dying breath before casting the room into darkness .

It would later be reported that it had been a brutal battle of wits and courage; that both parties had parried and thrust until their bodies become drenched in sweat and they were running on pure adrenalin. But it would be said, that despite the hero’s best efforts, the moth had come up trumps.

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