Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Sooky sooky la la

With a sprained ankle the last 4 days have been fun.
I have a house inspection next week and Baker Bob doesn't really get the concept of clean.
Linc has been in a terrible mood since Monday to the point where he doesn't want me to put him down and while I can now put weight on my ankle, hobbling around carrying a 9 kg baby isn't production to my house cleaning mission.
Mans has almost worked out how to get up in the crawling stance. He can get his knees under him, he just can't coordinate his arms as well.
He does rolls over though, which Lincoln has apparently forgotten how to do.
They have also both started to move around in their cots. Even though I wrap them. They manage to get loose and away they go.

We are counting down to the 6 month mark. I have already started organising their birthday and have a bunch of presents put away for Christmas/birthday.
I figure better be prepared at that time of year.

I also am organising a baby shower for a friend for early August, which hopefully will be fun.
Well, have to go Linc is loosing it again.

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