Thursday, June 18, 2009

Devine Intervention

For the past few weeks I've felt like there has been a presences in the house.
I'll see something out of the corner of my eye, turn and there'll be nothing there.
Quite a few times I've gone to bed of a night and close my eyes, and my eyelids will glow like a light has been turned on, but when I open them there is no light.
I haven't felt scared, just puzzled, and maybe a little nervous.

Early Saturday morning I woke having not been awake all night and therefore was worried about the boys. I woke Baker Bob and asked if he'd been up to them at all. He hadn't and so offered to go and check on them. He came back to bed, the boys were fine and we started chatting about how lucky we were that they'd slept this long.

All of a sudden I could here a creaking coming over the baby monitor. It was the creak of the rocking chair going back and forth. I looked at Baker Bob wide eyed and as he crept out of bed to investigate, the baby monitor lit up with a huge amount of static.

Baker Bob found Mans completely unwrapped, rolled onto his belly and up the other end of the cot, flicking the rocking chair with his foot. A logical explanation for the noise. I just don't know how Mans managed to get unwrapped and move around so much in the 5 mins since Adam had been back from their room.

Then on Sunday I had a mission. Get the gardening done. But pregnant BFF rang and asked me to visit as we hadn't seen each other in about 4 weeks. So after much umming and arring we arranged it for later in the day and I went about cleaning the yards. We were heading out the door at 4 and all of a sudden my ankle gives out from underneath. I maintain that I didn't mis-step and Baker Bob, who was behind me, said that I fell really weird. Almost in slow motion.
It absolutely killed. I'm not someone who goes to tears easily over an injury but I was laying on the front porch balling my eyes out. We iced it but the visit to BFF was definitely cancelled.

The following day I get a call from BFF. Sunday night her hubby started vomitting and when they took him to hospital he was tested for swine flu. It was confirmed yesterday that he does have it. Out of 10 his infection is an 8.

My ankle injury is not as bad as first thought. After being laid up for one day, I can now walk with a hobble. My greater concern - was my fall devine intervention or just coincidence?
Do the boys have a guardian angel? And am I crazy to be pleased that I fell and hurt my ankle?


Mrs M@sk said...

Phew, I think it was a blessing in disguise!

Danimezza said...

I agree, blessing in disguise. Hope your pregnant friend isn't too freaked out.

Danimezza said...

Loving the new blog look too btw.