Friday, May 8, 2009

Just a quickie

OK, a run down.
The boys have actually lost weight since their last "weigh in"
They are now just under 7kg
It all seems normal and the MCHN wasn't too concerned.
MCHN and I discussed starting them early on solids as they just seem to be burning off the calories and I can't get anymore formula into them. I wanted to wait until they were 6 months but she strongly suggests starting them now.

Other than that no big surprises. They are both about 60cm long, Mans is a bit longer.
They can both lift there heads off the ground. Linc-ilou is still only rolling from front to back and Mans-apan is very close to getting up on his knees, he just can;t get coordinated.
Both talk a lot, love to be upright and love and giggle at the most silly things, namely Baker Bob.

Off to Tassie today, so take care, back soon,

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