Wednesday, May 6, 2009

It's a twin thing

One of the most commonly answered questions by a twin mum is "Are they twins?"
It can become quite annoying when a shopping trip takes an extra hour because you're constantly stopping to field questions and that question is rather ridculous. Particularly when they are wearing similar (never the same) outfits and being pushed around in their twin pram.
Some of Adam and my favourite responses include:
"No, it was a 2 for 1 deal."
"No, we just stole one but don't tell anyone."
"What there's 2?!"
"No, I'm not actually pregnant for very long, like a rabbit."

This may seem a little harsh but it's always said with a smile and a "Yes of course" but man it can get frustrating.

Another common question is "Are twins hard work?"
I mean DER!
This is often asked by other mothers and followed by a "Harder than a singleton?"
I know children sap your brain power but come on, of course it's hard work.

But obviously there's double the reward too (or will be lol).
There's a status symbol that comes with being a twin mum. You find that other mother's either look at you with pity / sympathy or they look at you with envy.
There are a lot of woman out there that don't really think about what having twins really means. They are wrapped up in the cute factor and the obvious attention twins get.

I went to a family friend's (M) daughter's 1st birthday on the weekend.
Another of her friend's (R) was there and she has a 11 month old and just found out she's pregnant again. M and I have discussed R in the past as she wasn't planning on keeping this baby. I walk in and she sees the twins. She starts telling everyone who gave the boys attention that she is actually pregnant with twins. This was news to me so I asked her about it. Her response: " I'm too scared to get an ultrasound as I'm sure I'm pregnant with twins and don't want it confirmed" WTF? "What makes you think that? Are they in the family?" "Nothing really, I just know."

It really does my head in. I would have happily shared experiences and advise with her if she had have actually been pregnant with twins. Being a twin mum is not a leisurely experience, it's hard work and I hate it when it's trivialised!

I will be back tomorrow to update on the boy's progress after their MCHN appointment but I just had to get that off my chest.

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Danimezza said...

She has a screw loose. What an idiot.

I thought I had a big chance of having twins... clomid... hearing you had twins while using clomid... they're in the family... My bump's huge lol.

I thought having twins would be magical but at the same time I was petrified. I'm definitely in the envy pile. I don't know how you do it. I'm already psyching myself up for one baby let alone two.

Your boys are adorable and I can't blame people for stopping you to gawk at them :)