Wednesday, March 11, 2009

8 things I've learnt in the 8 weeks of being a Mummy.

  • Bathroom break when you can - Do not wait until you need to go because that will be the exact moment the baby/ies cannot live without you.
  • Spew will come when new clothes are applied - They need to be christened.
  • Poo happens, anytime, anywhere. - Get used to it.
  • You may be everything to your baby/ies but you will be invisible to everybody else - From complete strangers to the father of your children. I mean they may talk to you, but it will be about the baby/ies and they won't be looking at you at the time.
  • Willies like to be free to pee - Be ready and alert.
  • 2 hands are never enough - They can't even get around yet and 2 hands are not enough.
  • Clothes prices are NOT directly proporitional to the amount of fabric that goes into making them - It's not logical.
  • You can not please everyone - Please yourself and your baby/ies and be confident.

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