Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Illusive Sleep

I've become almost desperate.
After years of being spoilt by VIPs that slept through, suddenly their sleep patterns are getting worse and worse. They have always had a reasonably strict bedtime routine and until winter last year would get changed into PJs and the like in their room. I moved it to the lounge so it wasn't too cold after baths (as the heater is in the lounge). They get a story read to them of a night and kisses and cuddles goodnight.

And now I sit with the boys to get them to go to sleep. Just in the middle of the room, sometimes having to tell them to "stop, roll over and close your eyes", sometimes having to hold Mans hand or stroke Linc's face so they relax, but most of the time I just sit there. If I don't it becomes a 2 hour battle of chasing them down the hallway back to bed, them getting more and more worked up and me getting more and more frustrated. Until one of us has a brainsnap - cue to me screaming or them throwing a huge tantrum. It's a helluva lot less stressful for all of us if I sit there and they don't have a chance to feed off each other's misbehaviour.

The boys also tend to come into my bed at anywhere between 12-3. They have gotten rather stealth about it. Once I wake up enough to realise they are in bed with me they are already starfished, sound asleep and there's no room for me but a cramped corner of the bed, leading to little or no sleep and horrible back pain. And just to add some excitement to my nights, Eva will sometimes wake screaming. The only way to settle her is to cuddle her for a while, so I usually fly the white flag and throw her into the mix as well.

I have seriously started to consider putting a TV and DVD player in the boys room. I have always been against this way of putting children to sleep. Letting them watch a movie as they fall asleep. They used to watch a movie during their "rest" time and they would occasionally nod off but the boys don't even 'do' rest time anymore so there is no chance for a cat nap for me.

I'm at a lose and all I want to do is lock my bedroom door of a night.

Does anyone have some suggestions?
What do we all think of the 'movie to sleep' method?


Mum of 2 said...

I have been having the same issues with my 8 year old daughter. She doesn't like to go to sleep. Once she is asleep she is ok though. I was told by someone to try and have some relaxing music very softly in her room. I have tried many different ways of settling but unfortunately I have just had to get some medication to try to help her. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

As a step-mum of an 11yo who has been given the tv to sleep with all night long at his other home for his entire life, I'd have to recommend to avoid doing it if you can. We almost have no choice but to follow suit, but compromise in our house with a timed amount of tv at bedtime, which varies depending on the amount of time he takes to get himself into bed (ie more mucking around = less tv time)! It's been a habit that is impossible to break.

Wish I could offer suggestions on how to help but unfortunately don't yet have experience with 3yo's sorry. But I can say that I'd gotten to the point where I got very little sleep with my twins (10mths at the time), so finally bit the bullet and got a consultant in to help me (3mths ago) and have slept full nights almost every night since. I would ask for professional advice again in a heartbeat if I needed it, and would recommend anyone do the same!

Erin xx